The werewolf complex

          I’m sure you’re all familiar with the concept of a werewolf I.e. some poor soul who upon every full moon transforms into a terrifying flesh eating wolf! So I have a similar problem. I’d like to say that generally I’m pretty good at saving my money. However, every couple of months...when the moon is just so….I browse the internet, possessed completely by the devil and spend everything I’d been so carefully saving on outdoors gear! It’s a horrible “ cycle "....get paid……….save….along creeps Visa Demon….SPENNNNND. What’s even worse is my family and friends don’t believe it’s the work of dark sorcery and instead blame me!? Anyways, seeing as I’m burdened with so much of the devil's expenditure, I decided it was only logical to write up a few reviews. These are by no means comprehensive, rather some personal thoughts and feelings on some of " my " recent purchases.