Bicycle Touring Apocalypse t-shirt.

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Bicycle Touring Apocalypse t-shirt.


Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, pirates, highwaymen and heroes of old. I introduce the Bicycle Touring Apocalypse t-shirt. The first design in a series produced by the incredible Alex Foster Illustration. If you haven’t heard of Foster then you’re missing out. The guy is a genius. He recently worked for the Roald Dahl Literary Estate ( ), picked up a World Illustration Award, featured in more national tabloids than I can list and now he’s arguably reached the pinnacle of his career….ahum….producing a t-shirt design for myself. Ok, so in all honesty I’m completely humbled by his co-operation and I can only imagine my soul is now his for the taking. So what’s the design all about??

As many of you will already know I’ve always been completely obsessed with Greek mythology. The heroes of these epics head into the unknown, battling unforeseen foes, often at the mercy of the gods, plagued by misfortune and despite all odds returning home victorious! I’m no hero, but I similarly treat everyday as an adventure. My tours are rarely planned and whether it’s the wrath of the Gods or my own idiocy I usually end up lost on some god forsaken spit of land….However, whilst Odyssues got stranded with the gorgeous nymphomaniac Circe…for me…it’s usually the hard shoulder of some horrendous dual carriageway.

The t-shirt reflects my love of the ancient world with an illustration of the skeletal warriors fought by Jason after sowing the Hydra’s teeth ( check out the awesome scene from the classic 1963 Don Chaffey film for reference ). I had a similar situation in the Black Forest Germany and this is depicted on the t-shirt. The original photo was lost, but I described ‘exactly’ what happened to Foster and he perfectly reconstructed the scene. Needless to say, I’m lucky to be alive.

As many of you will already know I re-invest the vast majority of my income into financing my trips and the money raised from these t-shirts will be no different. I would greatly appreciate your support.


  • Euro fit, tubular knit
  • Double needle on hem & sleeve
  • TearAway label


  • 100% cotton 


  • 150 gsm 


  • S - 34/36"
  • M - 38/40"
  • L - 42/44"
  • XL - 46/48"




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