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Klean Kanteen

As with most of my equipment it start’s with a google search: “ what is the best ______ for bicycle touring?.” I’ve found this a simple, but very effective, method of filtering through the masses of products out there claiming to do the job. Moreover, it’s on Bicycle touring websites and forums that you get the reviews of real people using products on the ground, rather than the glorified and often unreliable sales pitches of the company that made them. Klean Kanteen was just one of the brands that I was put onto as a result of this approach.

     Klean Kanteen produce high quality camping kitchen ware (www.kleankanteen.com). At the time I was looking for a pair of durable water bottles and cages for my new custom bike, but after seeing there site and numerous gleaming reviews decided they’d be my primary hub for all my kitchen ware in the field. My first purchase was the 27oz “ original “ stainless steel water bottle and relevant cage, but I had soon bought another of each! These bottles are great, they are insanely enduring, free from BPA and other toxins and have a ingenious 25% better flow rate from the Silicone spout. I’ve used the “ classic “ non-stop since I bought it, for both bike touring and everyday life. In fact, since buying the bottles I’ve been drinking far more water! They’re so easily cleaned and such a convenient size that I tend to take one of them with me everywhere, I literally cannot recommend them enough. They’re not the cheapest out there, but with a lifetime warranty they’re worth every penny! Check out their website:

klean kanteen, bike cage, kelan kanteen bike cage, classic, 27oz classic
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