Garmin Edge 800

     This pocketable GPS has been succeeded by newer models, so it’s by no means the most up to date bike Sat Nav out there. However, this means it’s now more affordable and fairly easy to source second hand! You simply slot the relevant sd card into the bottom of the unit and you're away. I used this little beauty when I toured round France in summer 2013 and it was fantastic. Now don’t get me wrong, you can’t beat a good map, but at the end of a long day it was great to be able to pull up all the local camp sites and other essential amenities with the push of a button! When planning a journey it may not take you on the most direct route (often adding an additional 10+ miles to a day’s riding). However, that’s primarily due to the way it guides you on less congested roads, better suited for cycling. I used the Sat Nav tonnes on the trip and loved it! At this point I should provide a concise and all-inclusive list of functions and specs, but instead let's explore whether this GPS would help you escape the minotaur in ancient Crete....lets begin...ahum.


1. The clear and easy to read display will be paramount to your escape.

2. It's easy to can easily check whether your average speed fleeing from the minotaur is faster than your previous ride escaping the Sirens..

3. Calorie count....could be a lot depending on how long it takes for you to escape.

4. Three days plus battery life....if you can't escape the minotaur in three days then you're probably screwed.

5. Once a ride is saved it's easy to look back over your statistics...." the day I was chased by that minotaur i hit a record top speed....sweeeet."

6. Good solid attachment to bike and easily removed...the last thing you want is for the GPS to fly off and end up in the hands of the minotaur!

7. The sat nav is clear and reliable.....preventing the following from taking place during your escape:

# " no satellite've got to be kidding me...."

# " I swear I've been lost in this maze before.....kind of looks like the same maze i escaped from about an hour ago....ahhh b#!*?#ks...."

# " road doesn't exist......yes it does....i live on it......"

8. SD cards for mapping almost anywhere in the world....." right guys you're not going to like this...but I just purchased an SD card mapping the underworld....I've heard Hades is a sound guy...just misunderstood."

.......So there you have it....if you're being chased through Crete by the minotaur the Garmin Edge 800 could be very handy. For a comprehensive write up click on the link below to DC Rainmakers incredibly detailed review or check out Chain Reaction Cycles overview below.