Fuji x100

    This incredible compact camera has not left my side since the day i bought it. The Fuji x series has received a great deal of praise and I can see why. The Fuji x100 is, in many ways, an ideal camera for bike touring. More specifically, I would argue that the x100 is the ideal camera for bikepacking, where the emphasis is placed on traveling as light as possible. The camera’s image quality is fantastic, hence the Fuji allows you to keep weight to a minimal without compromising on image quality (check out my blog entry Chasing the sunset " to see what the camera’s capable of - the images have not been edited). The Fuji x100 is largely considered a camera for street photography and there is no denying its storming ability in this area. However, I found the camera’s potential goes well beyond the confines of street photography and performed very well in a more natural setting. The camera did struggle with landscape photography, but I can hardly criticise a street photography camera for that!

     I love the Fuji x100 and would highly recommend it. However, with the more powerful Fuji x100s coming rapidly down in price and the Fuji xpro1 allowing for a range of different lenses I would certainly consider the rest of the x-series range before committing. As with all my reviews this is just a few personal thoughts and feelings on some of my kit, for a far more comprehensive review check out Ken Rockwell's verdict below and the DigitalRev hands on review.