Chasing the sunset

One day i woke up and decided...." Icarus has held the title for getting closest to the sun for too long...It's time i did something about it! ". Things didn't end too well for Icarus....but he didn't have a cunning plan like myself! I would set off at sunset, when the sun had cooled down.....i know genius. That night, after a large power smoothie, I decided it was time i got even closer.

     Cycling for me has always been far more than simply exercise, it has also been a process of both mental and spiritual enlightenment. If you’ve read the “ Apocaloon “ you’ll already know that cycling has always been my escape, a way to subside and often eradicate my pent up stress and frustrations. It may sound cheesy but I really do get the most incredible high from being in wide open spaces. There is one stretch of land that has, more than any other, been my Valhalla. This expanse of beach and marshland was where I first learnt to ride a bike, whilst it’s muddy trails and sandy expanses provoke memories of quality time spent with my family. However, most importantly it was where i really discovered who i am. It was the mornings, afternoons, evenings and nights spent in this natural wilderness that made me truly understand what things really matter in life. This is of course an incredibly personal experience and there are no words to convey the psychological and emotional attachment I have with this area. That said, I hope these photos will at least give you an idea of why I both love the outdoors and my bike.